Celebrate International Music Day this week with your favourite music and favourite foods!

The great violinist Yehudi Menuhin dreamed up International Music Day in 1975 as a way of bringing people together via humanity's universal language.'

These days, there are numerous music festivals, including World Music Day in June, that attempt to continue this tradition. Victorians had a relaxed attitude to concerts and at Robert Newman's pioneering proms in 1895 eating, drinking and smoking were all very much encouraged.'

Of course, outdoor musical events really lend themselves to the consumption of nice snacks. Think of Kenwood House or Glyndebourne, where the Champagne picnics in the interval are almost as important as the arias. The Proms in the Park benefit from an early autumn picnic, say a bit of game pie with salad. Glastonbury also provides great picnicking opportunities.'

Punters match their picnics to the sounds. With The Stones headlining this year, anything from burgers to hummus on pitta would have brought satisfaction.

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Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team