Top 10 picnic rugs for 2021

The rug you have on your picnic serves two distinct purposes: firstly to protect you, your companions and most importantly the food from the ground; secondly to ensure the “look” of the overall picnic is maintained. There’s no point having a picnic if the rug doesn’t match!

Therefore the ideal rug is a perfect mix of style and function. Add to that factors such as the material the rug is made from, whether it’s recycled or not and how it’s folded for transport and suddenly there’s lots of things to think about. Let us help you find your way through the maze to the best picnic rug for you…

Best rug for picnic and the beach

Picnics aren’t just for green meadows next to streams! With a rug like this you can take your picnic to the beach too. The waterproof backing ensures no wetness problems wherever you go and it’s machine washable in case of spills.

Best floral rug

Add a bit of colour to your picnic with this extra large rug. The water resistant backing means you can be assured of a damp-free picnic and the simple way the rug folds back in on itself means it’s easy to carry with you.

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Best rug made from recycled materials

With 70% recycled wood and 30% other recycled fibres which would have otherwise ended up in landfill, this is the best rug for the discerning eco-conscious picnic goer. Remember too that the rug is still as soft as a regular rug, so it’s a win-win.

Best National Trust rug

Who knew that there was such a range of rugs available from the National Trust! Our favourite though is this wonderful blue and grey herringbone design which is made from pure, warm wool and large enough for a family of 4 to use.


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Best rug to carry with you

This clever little rug rolls up small and with the help of its handle/shoulder strap, can be taken around with you wherever you may roam. Also, the size of the rug is still big enough for couples and families alike.

Best classic tartan rug

There’s nothing more traditional than a tartan picnic rug and this one is made in Scotland, so it ticks all the boxes! We love its traditional colours as well as the softness of the pure wool, which means it can be used as a shawl too - if it starts to get a bit nippy.

Best waterproof rug

For versatility a waterproof rug has to be high on the list of must haves. This traditionally styled rug has a special backing to keep any moisture at bay, and is easily transported thanks to its integrated carry handle and secure fastening.

Best shmangle rug

Invented for the UK festival market, the Shmangle blanket is basically a light, waterproof blanket that also has a hood. This means it can be used as a rug or to wrap around you if the temperatures start to dip.

Best compact rug

If space is at a premium when you’re getting ready for your picnic outing, then this rug might be just the thing to keep you protected without taking up too much space. What’s more the backing is also waterproof and the rug’s clever folding system means it can be refolded with a minimum of fuss.

Best “fleecy” rug

This soft fleecy blanket is a traditional piece of picnic equipment with a modern twist. The durable material can be used not only outdoors but also in winter to snuggle up under in front of the fire.