Celebrate the Harvest Festival with your very own picnic feast!

For a lot of us Harvest Festival will bring back memories of lugging fruit, veg and the odd tin to school for assembly in early October. However, this special Christian festival, steeped with pagan tradition, actually marks the old agricultural year when the end of harvest was celebrated by workers with a big feast.'

The festival has continued into the modern era with families getting together, abundant food and a final sense of warmth before winter's chill. Harvest festivals occur worldwide, among them America's Thanksgiving, but here it's the perfect time to get out the picnic gear and hold your very own feast.'

Why not enjoy locally sourced foods like your forebears? There can't be too much better than ripe apples in a home-made tart, generously sliced, perhaps with some local cheddar and cold pork sausages.

Take a look at the PicnicShop range of Picnic Hampers for the very best in traditional produce and enjoy a feast of your very own!

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team