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On November 28th, millions of Americans will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, no doubt to be followed by a delicious pumpkin pie.'

Giving thanks for a good harvest dates back to the founding fathers in New England. The first Thanksgiving, which lasted three whole days, is supposed to have taken place in 1621!

The Pilgrims and native American Wampanoag consumed a delicious list of native foods like venison, turkey, lobster, clams, pumpkin and squash.'

Nowadays, it's even becoming fashionable to celebrate with a Thanksgiving picnic. Grill the turkey on a barbecue, consume the cooked pies and substitute the cooked vegetables for a healthy salad for the perfect picnic. In a way, picnics are true to the first Thanksgiving feast, which was of course al fresco and included dancing and games... So don't forget the iPod!

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Enjoy your picnicking!