Mini-Picnics at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hello PicnicShoppers!

The skating rink at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland opened on November 22nd this year. Take your partner for a romantic evening of conjuring up your best romcom impressions! Remember to wrap up warmly as you skate or admire the massive ice castle.'

Other entertainment on offer this year includes Zippo's Circus, known for its quirky comedy and performers, so this is also the perfect kids' evening out. No outing would be complete without a little food. Much nicer than anything prepackaged is your very own food and drink, so taking along a mini-picnic makes perfect sense!'

A Thermos of spiced mulled wine - don't forget the cloves and don't make it too sweet - or a container full of hot chocolate would be perfect, maybe with some biscuits as you'll have no doubt worked up an appetite on the ice.

Check out the PicnicShop range of Thermos flasks and Picnicware and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your romantic evening!

Enjoy your picnicking!