More great ways to beat the January blues...

Hello PicnicShoppers!

For many people, the month of January can be a particularly long and particularly bleak month. When it's cold outside and nearly everyone you know is suffering from varying degrees of the post-Christmas blues, it can be very easy to feel a little miserable yourself.

Ourselves here at PicnicShop HQ are by no means immune to this either, but we're firm believers that venturing into the great outdoors and embracing the elements is a fantastic way to lift the spirits and work off those extra cheeseboards eaten over the holidays. And if you're able to include a little wine on your day out too, then all the better...

For the sensible PicnicShoppers out there our range of Thermos flasks are perfect for filling with something warm before heading off into the countryside, whatever the weather. For those wanting something a little stronger when the sun comes out, the Duo wine cooler walking bag is perfect for getting more than enough wine to the picnic spot at the top of the local hill on a crisp Saturday afternoon.

Check out the full PicnicShop range of Walking Picnic equipment and make sure you're fully prepared for your next January adventure!

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team