Keep yourself well oiled with a PicnicShop Thermos or wine cooler!

Hello PicnicShop!

Here at PicnicShop we know that walking through the country can be a thirsty pastime and that en route to your perfect picnic site it's great to enjoy a well earned drink.'

For the hot stuff, that's a nice cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate,'you'll need a well designed Thermos, something like PicnicShop's Thermos Thermocafe one litre job is stylish enough. Of course, you may find when you reach the summit of that beautiful hill and enjoy the view down the other side that you require something a little stronger. That's when you need the Greenfield Duo Wine Cooler'to keep the Sauvignon Blanc chilled.'

What's great about these new age flasks and ice packs is they're easy to transport and guarantee to keep your precious drinks hot or cold as required. 'Check out the full range of Coolbags, Flasks & Picnicware range and make sure you have everything you need to quench your thirst next time you're out picnicking.

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team