PicnicShop outdoor games for kids and tipsy adults alike!

Hello PicnicShoppers!

Looking for ways to avoid the chorus of 'WE'RE BORED!' from the kids this weekend? 'Us lot here at PicnicShop certainly are, so we've put together a range of Outdoor Games that are perfect for doing just that.

There's croquet for the traditionalists or giant dominoes - watch them topple once you've finished the game - or a racket set or rounders or even giant tumbling garden bricks. There's even outsized chess for the deep thinkers among you.

Include one of the games sets in the car on your next day out or camping trip and you'll never run out of things to do after you've all eaten your way through the picnic food. You might want to put some fun into days out at the beach, while an adult outdoor dinner party isn't really complete without a few games.'

The antics after a few glasses of wine with friends and neighbours will definitely be remembered, even if the rest of the night isn't!

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team