Modern and functional picnic backpacks with PicnicShop!

Hello PicnicShoppers!

Us lot here at PicnicShop reckon that the modern picnic backpack is probably the best way to stow everything needed for a spur of the moment walking picnic.

Once you've packed the bacon butties, a piece of fruit or two if you're feeling healthy, a cake or a packet of shortbread and a thermos of coffee, you're set. Stride outdoors with a group of mates or family, particularly great when the seasons are changing, and head for a new or tried and tested picnic locale.

The new generation picnic backpacks really contain it all so you'll not need to forage. PicnicShop's range of Greenfield Collection backpacks, for example, have stainless steel cutlery for two or four so you're guaranteed not to suffer with bendy fork syndrome as you tuck into your pasta and a detachable bottle holder means your hands will be kept free for map reading or holding hands with your loved one!

They're rainproof and easy to clean too, meaning that the experience of getting some fresh air and a head full of memories isn't ruined by spending an hour scrubbing everything spotless afterwards!

Enjoy your Picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team