Make sure you're fully equipped for your next picnic with PicnicShop

Hello PicnicShoppers!

Here at PicnicShop, the days of slightly stale sandwiches in brown paper bags and everything else in manky plastic containers have long gone. We much prefer to carry all of our picnic food in beautifully designed, attractive picnicware these days.

The Sherbert Collapsible Cool Basket lives up to its name with a cool exterior and interior to keep your snacks and drinks away from the summer sun while looking fashionable. It's waterproof too, so perfect for those trips to the beach.

A great Thermos flask is just the thing to keep the hot drinks hot and the cool drinks cold and needn't cost the earth. The Thermos Work Series Stainless Steel Flask in blue takes 1.2 litres, is rugged and dent resistant.'

As for picnicware, nowadays we're spolit for choice. Strangely, it's actually a fact that food tastes even better when eaten from the Kitchen Craft sets or the Rainbow Melamine Picnic Set.

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team