The classic British picnic that's never going out of style!

Hello PicnicShoppers!

Here at PicnicShop HQ we firmly believe that the quintessential British picnic, completely free and yet well mannered, aptly represents the national psyche. Satisfying that desire to be at one with nature, yet done so with a certain degree of taste and decorum.'

Think Glyndebourne in the interval between slabs of glorious opera, the furious fun at Goodwood or copy the people who like to take real glasses and napkins when they want to eat in the great outdoors. It's a pleasure that never goes out of fashion and the menu should be simple but delicious.

Cooked salmon and salad with home made mayonnaise would do the trick, as would a recently baked quiche. And what about some game pie, bought from a good shop, washed down with a spot of red wine. Then if you're not embarking on structured socialising, chum up with someone special, some friends or the family and head for the hills or the beach.

Check out the Classic Picnic range and make sure you're fully equipped for a picnic to remember!

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team