Beach barbecues and picnics under parasols with the PicnicShop Picnics on the Beach range!

Hello PicnicShoppers!

Is there honestly anything more enjoyable than a picnic on the beach? Us lot here at PicnicShop aren't so sure.'

Whether it's a simple matter of prawns in a paper bag and smoked salmon sarnies on the shale beaches of Whitstable or a more complicated affair involving wine in the coolbox and a hamper of cold meats and salads, there's something about the sea air that really whets the appetite.'

You'll need to be equipped with more than the old windbreaker though. Today's picnickers remember to bring essentials like waterproof-backed rugs, which make sitting on those Kentish pebbles comfy, and the aforementioned coolboxes for lollies as well as drinks. The Polar Gear Tote Cool Bag or the Candy Aluminium Picnic Cool Bag would bring cred and practicality.'

Check out these and a great range of other equipment fit for a day by the sea within the Picnics on the Beach range.

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team