Picnics in the city with PicnicShop!

Hello PicnicShoppers!

If you keep your ear to the ground, like PicnicShop does, you'll know that urban picknicking is a growing trend as summers in the city become more reliably warm.'

From the quick lunch hour break with a filled baguette in somewhere like London's Golden Square, which becomes a kind of beach without the sea in July and August, to a park outing, it's all about the food, location and people watching.'

You might head for one of the city's lungs, and St James' Park is a beautiful place to spread the picnic rug and unpack the hamper. You'll see other picnickers, workers on lunch or coffee break and a magnificent range of birdlife, including supercilious pelicans. There are also great smaller locations which you can make your own if you bag the bench first. In London, look for spots like Soho Square and the public garden at St Dunstan-in-the-East, outside the capital you've got places like Birmingham's Edgbaston Reservoir.

Enjoy your picnicking!

The PicnicShop Team