Make the most of the Indian Summer with PicnicShop

Good news PicnicShoppers! Summer's not quite over yet'

The heavens may well be smiling down on those of you looking to squeeze the most out of this year's summer. September has already been one of the driest since records began and things look set to continue at least for this coming weekend, so why not get out there and make the most of the unseasonably late 'Indian Summer' with PicnicShop? After the dramatic storms of late, the Met Office are predicting that things will be settled over the next couple of weeks; so there's still time yet picknickers.

Of course even if the sun does have his hat on, you'll need to make sure you're fully prepared for picnicking in the great outdoors.

This luxurious herringbone rug is perfect for that autumnal afternoon in the countryside and is only '30! So why not grab one and head out to the hills this weekend for one last al fresco lunch before the weather turns on us. And when the weather does finally turn (as it inevitably will), the rug makes an excellent addition to any cosy night curled up in front of the TV.