Enjoy some homemade mulled cider this weekend

Hello PicnicShoppers! As you know, we're getting in the festive mood here at PicnicShop and we can't think of many better ways to brace yourself against the blustery weather than a comforting mug of warm mulled cider.

This recipe is simple and quick to make yet is certain to put a smile on people's faces when you whip out your flask on next weekend's excursions.

What you'll need (for up to 6 people)


Pour the cider into a large pan and heat it up gently on the hob for a few minutes. Add all of the spices and the juice from your oranges into the cider as it continues to warm up. Once boiling, make sure you turn it down to a simmer and leave it to infuse for 5-10 minutes.

Add sugar to taste. You could even experiment with chucking all sorts of fruit into the mix ' pomegranate is one of our favourite additions to this simple warming drink.

Transfer the cider from the pan into one of the quality flasks that you can pick up from our website and head out into the great outdoors. Make sure you grab enough mugs for everyone!