Our Christmas wish list is growing daily!

The month of December has well and truly arrived and for the PicnicShop office, that means decorations ahoy and non-stop Christmas classics on the stereo.

But it also means that the big day is drawing ever closer. Whilst there is still plenty of time to get your Christmas presents, I for one am beginning to feel the pangs of panic! The beginning of December is the opportune moment to shift those gift ideas from the maybe pile and into the checkout cart in order to avoid forgetting to get Aunt Margery a gift for the second year running. Make a list and check it twice!

Our Christmas wish-list is certainly growing daily. We've put together a shortlist of fantastic Christmas gift ideas suitable for a range of all ages to help you (and us) find the ideal present for our loved ones this year. The Christmas list continues to grow almost every single day, with new products being added all the time; such as this scrumptious hamper of Thornton's chocolates or how about this giant collection of retro sweets.

So whether you've got all of your presents already wrapped up and under the tree or - like us - you're beginning to panic about your lack of gift ideas this year, let PicnicShop's Christmas list help you out.