Picnic Spot - Swiss Valley Trail, Llanelli

Picnic Spot - Swiss Valley Trail, Llanelli Cycling is a great way to reach your picnic destination - not only does it get you into the great outdoors, it also let's you work up an appetite!

If you're looking for a great cycle route to a UK picnic spot, we'd challenge you to find a more impressive one than The Swiss Valley Cycle Route in Llanelli, Wales.

Starting at the Millennium Coastal Park, the trail follows a disused railway line up into the Llanelli hills, with truly stunning views and plenty of options if you want to stop for an alfresco bite to eat on route. The trail path is well maintained, suitable for all types of bike and not too steep' even on the climb!

Obviously, you'll need both hands, so 'w

e would recommend taking a picnic backpack

! Learn more about the trail with this leaflet.