Picnic Tips: Picnic Rugs

Picnic Tips: Picnic Rugs Quite rightly, we often focus our attention on the food and destination when planning a picnic, but one thing it's easy to overlook is what you're going to sit on.

Most households have a rug or blanket that's used for picnics, but a purpose designed picnic rug can really help make your picnic experience much more enjoyable.

Soggy bottoms

Typically, in the UK, you'll have your picnic on grass, so it's often a little damp underfoot - so we often recommend having a waterproof rug. These rugs have a waterproof lining, so you stay dry, but don't compromise on comfort. Ideal for the traditional British summer!

Getting clean

Spillages can be quite common on a picnic and surfaces can often be a bit muddy, so you might want to opt for a machine washable picnic rug. These rugs mean less fuss when you unpack.'

Getting packed

Luxurious rugs are great but often bulky and suitable for when you're driving to your picnic spot. Other rugs roll up to a very compactly size and will easily fit in a backpack, while some have a carry handle or shoulder strap - really handy if you're walking or hiking to your picnic destination.

Getting the right coverage

Although smaller rugs have benefits, be careful not to go too small with your picnic rug - ensure you have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably, plus the food and drink. Being squeezed onto a rug can make a relaxing picnic suddenly feel like a bit of an effort.

We think that's covered everything.