3 Reasons to Picnic this Summer

3 Reasons to Picnic this Summer With good weather approaching, we're getting pretty excited about dusting off our picnic rugs. However, some friends and loved-ones need some convincing. Here are 3 good reasons why you should get outdoors for your lunch this summer' and make 2015 the year of the picnic!

1. Health and wellbeing

Picnic food can be really tasty AND healthy' think BBQ chicken or fish, rice dishes, zesty salads and fresh summer fruits - delicious. Plus, walking (or cycling) to your picnic destination and playing games all help you exercise and have fun too. Fresh air is always good for the soul and it's a scientific fact (sort of!) that food tastes better when eaten outdoors.'

2. Your wallet will feel better for it

Rather than spending lots of money on expensive meals out or pre-packaged foods, the home-cooked food you bring to your picnic will be far cheaper (and way tastier too). In fact, if you choose a picnic destination that is free and bring some games with you, an entire family day out can cost very little.

3. Family time is always great

Picnics are a great way to spend time as a family. During the week, we are often too busy to sit together and eat communally - a picnic enables you to share a meal AND share time with the ones you love. What's better than that?'