Picnic Spot - Verulamium

Picnic Spot - Verulamium Located in St albans, just half a mile away from PicnicShop's headquarters, Verulamium Park is a favourite picnic spot with everyone here. Set in 100 acres, the park has stunning views, plenty to explore and something to offer all visitors.

Take a walk from historic St Albans Cathedral, down past the Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub (it dates back to the 8th Century!) and you'll reach the edge of this beautiful park, with ponds, ornamental lakes and plenty of ducks to feed.

Stroll through the park to discover play areas for the kids, tennis courts, football pitches and many more activities besides.

Our favourite picnic spots are in the open areas to the west of the park. Here, you can get away from any crowds and take in the views of the park, lakes and cathedral.'

After lunch, you can discover remains of a Roman hypocaust in the grounds of the park and if you want to learn more about local history, visit the excellent Verulamium Museum nearby.

This handy leaflet gives you all the info you need for a visit this summer.