60W LED Work Light 6000lm

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Checked: 27/10/2022


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  • Safeguards our users at all times.
  • DEKRA, one of the world's largest expert organisations, gave this light a thumbs up.
  • With a sealed waterproof switch and a UK connector, add power to use (non-rechargeable), it's simple to install and mount/hang in any location you like.
  • The weight of the work lamp has been decreased by 30%, the luminous area has been increased, the heat dissipation component is no longer high, and the work lamp is much more convenient to use. Can be used in rain/snow, cold/hot weather, indoors and out, and as garden lights.
  • 5M Wire Length Compared to similar items, the cable length is much longer, so no extension cord is needed.
  • 6000 Lumens Super Bright, replaces 450W conventional halogen lamp with 60W LED, brighter than most lights with the same wattage and saves on lighting bills. IP65 Waterproof This work light is made of high-quality aluminium and tempered glass and is IP65 waterproof.
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