87 X 67 Inch Oversized Picnic Blanket

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Checked: 09/12/2023

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  • Sophisticated and attractive picnic rug with red checkered pattern that will please your family and friends.
  • Competitors' fabrics are 120g/m2, while ours are up to 200g/m2; competitors' waterproof backing is 60g/m2, while ours is up to 90g/m2 ---
  • Our enhanced picnic blanket will last a long time! Outdoor accessory blanket with a thickend PEVA backing to keep out the rain, water-resistant and sand-resistant, quickly clean-up, shake & wipe off dirt or small grass.
  • Beach mat is made from high duty but soft touch Acrylic fabric material with dual layers, giving it a good feel and comfort when sitting on it. Portable convenient rug that can be used as a beach blanket, beach mat, camping blanket, RV blanket, outdoor pet blanket, baby play mat, emergency blanket, or foldable beach blanket.
  • When folded up, the picnic blanket measures just 14" x 6" and is easy to store and transport in a picnic backpack bag or basket. Ideal for indoor or outdoor yoga, the pool, sporting activities, soccer games, tailgates, festivals, hiking, family picnics, camping, travel, arena, and outdoor concert.
  • Extra large size ---When fully opened, the large picnic blanket measures 87" x 67" and comfortably seats 4 to 6 adults.
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