April Gift Oval Double Cover Wicker Linen Flower Picnic Basket

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Checked: 16/05/2023

Brand: Cuque

Category: Picnic Baskets

Tags: classic picnics Classic Picnics corporate gifts Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Fill a bunch of cheeseburgers with toppings and serve them to your visitors!
  • Fruits, fries, and pastries are also available. It's easy to store when done, with high handles, a round shape, and no sore spots to carry.
  • The thick linen cotton lining is solid, soft, and simple to clean.
  • Bring the dishes to the barbecue, and be a nice friend.
  • Use it as a tool if you don't want to host. The attractive wicker frame and linen cotton give your room an elegant look, and it's also a great decoration. Organize your belongings in the big compartment. Easily pack and serve food with the double flip door. And lovingly crafted by hand. Put the handle away and go for a stroll in peace. The double-layer cover design makes it easier to bring food, fruits, and other items in and take them out.
  • Because the material is long-lasting, easy to clean, and does not mold, you can have several picnics with your family and friends. Sandwiches, meat, and cheese This is our little secret, even though you secretly drink a glass of wine. Hand-woven of high-quality natural rattan and linen fabrics, which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, as well as clean and durable with a long service life.
  • Our easy-to-carry multi-wicker picnic basket will take you back to simpler times.
  • When was the last time you had a picnic with your friends and family?
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