ASTARIN Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone

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Checked: 23/04/2024

Category: Gardening

Tags: Wind Chimes

  • 5 metal tubes are hand-tuned by our skilled tuning experts to produce a superior musical performance.
  • Heavy weight nylon cording high density wood striker for a consistent tone and resonances.
  • Thick tubing wall provides a longer lasting deep tone.
  • Metal Wind Chimes are the most common because of their longevity and high tuning accuracy.
  • Memorial Wind Chimes - Perfect gift for everyone in memory, with etched life of tree on the catcher. Large Outdoor Wind Chimes - With a stronger metal hook, the total hanging length is 36". You can give it to everyone in your mind, including your mother, father, sister, uncle, neighbours, relatives, and others, because it is beautifully done. Wind chimes in memory of a loved one make a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Yard Art Decor - Golden and green, the custom colour makes the whole wind bell look more shining.
  • Golden Lifetree is carved on the green sail, wonderful in any sunlit area of your home. And the adjustable bell length makes the sound of various sizes. Personalized Wind Chimes in Memory- It is the personalized wind chimes in memory.
  • Lifetree symbolizes hope, happiness, and eternity.
  • Beautifully done, you can give it to everyone you remember, such as your mother, neighbours, relatives, and so on.
  • The memorial wind chimes make a perfect gift for all occasions.
  • Just Have and Enjoy It!
  • Only metal wind chimes can be tuned to unique sounds and notes. 5 golden metal tubes. Thick wood suspension rope with outdoor waterproof paint. You won't have to worry about them chipping or losing their charm, because they'll last year after year. Hope, harmony, and eternity are represented by the memorial lifetree. It's a memory of one-of-a-kind wind chimes.
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