blumfeldt Camden Heat Deluxe Infrared Heater

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Checked: 23/04/2024

Category: Outdoor Heating

Tags: garden dining Garden Dining Heaters

  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY: The radiant heater is conveniently installed on the ceiling, where it effectively warms you and your guests with up to 2500 watts of power from above.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE: When the temperature drops, simply switch on the blumfeldt Camden Heat Deluxe infrared heater, set the ideal heating level, and breathe new life into any party or dine comfortably outside until late at night.
  • Please note that a approved EU to UK converter plug is included with this kit.
  • ADJUSTABLE: From the first second, you'll enjoy cozy warmth! You can choose one of three heat levels, 1000, 1500, or 2500 watts, with the ON/OFF switch on the blumfeldt Camden Heat Deluxe in seconds, and thus respond quickly to your guests' needs.
  • COMFORTABLE WARMTH: Bring gentle and comfortable infrared warmth to cool days and nights with the blumfeldt Camden Heat Deluxe patio heater with an advanced IR ComfortHeat system!
  • The IR ComfortHeat device directs heat to people and items in the immediate area.
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