Bosmere Protector 6000 - 2 Seat Bench Cover - Green

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£49.98 £43.00

Checked: 22/02/2024

Brand: Bosmere

Categories: Garden Furniture Outdoor Heating

Tags: garden chairs Garden Dining

  • Bosmere A509 Bungee Ties [Pack of 5] are the second item on the list.
  • Product 1: Sun, wind, rain, and frost protection for your furniture and equipment
  • Product 1: UV-stabilized PVC-backed polyester cover from Bosmere.
  • Product 2: All Bosmere Covers are compatible with this product. Double-stitched seams for added resilience, wipe-clean surfaces, and heavy-duty cords are all features of Product 1. Elasticated Bungee Ties,
  • Product 2: Securing Your Bosmere Cover To The Legs Of Your Barbeque Or Garden Furniture
  • Product 2: These Are Ideal For Extra Peace Of Mind When It Comes To Keeping Furniture And Barbeque Covers Safe In Windy Conditions. Protect your furniture from bird lime, sap, and garden soil all year long with Product 1!
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