CampTeck Extra Large Folding Picnic Blanket

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Checked: 02/08/2021

Brand: CampTeck

Categories: Picnic Baskets Picnic Rugs & Blankets

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  • Fits well in your picnic basket, measuring 31cm by 22cm.
  • This CampTeck outdoor picnic mat is great for the beach, the park, outdoor concerts, camping, and sporting events, among other areas. Shake the sand/dirt off when you're done.
  • To avoid harm to the big picnic rug, please make sure there are no sharp objects underneath it.
  • The fleece is made of polyester and has a waterproof lining. Flammability testing was completed and the results were positive. When folded into a handbag shape with a handle, it's easy to carry and ready to use at any time. Allow to dry naturally after wiping clean.
  • This picnic mat cannot be dry cleaned or machine washed. When on the field, it measures 200cm x 150cm and is large enough for a family of four. Folded, it's around the same size as a standard sheet of paper.
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