Davaon Pro - Bypass and Anvil Secateurs (Set of 2)

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Checked: 12/05/2024

Category: Gardening

Tags: Garden Tools

  • [ ADJUSTABLE WIDTH ] - Both shears have an adjustable grip, allowing you to change the width up to 50% to fit comfortably in your hands - suitable for both smaller and larger hands.
  • [ 2 ESSENTIAL PRUNERS ] - This package comes with 1 bypass pruner and 1 pair of anvil shears, making it the perfect kit for all your pruning needs.
  • [ BUILT TO LAST ] - Both pruners feature SK5 carbon steel blades, which are tough and rust-resistant and need less sharpening. It's perfect for reducing exhaustion during long workouts.
  • [ LESS EFFORT ] - The auto-rotating handles equally distribute muscular force across your fingers, allowing you to do more with less effort. It's great for cutting rough branches and live plants. It also has a sap-resistant non-stick coating.
  • [ PROTECT YOUR FINGERS ] - The built-in finger guard protects your fingers from painful cuts caused by rose thorns and rough branches, and can also be used to hold stems out of the way when pruning, giving you more trust.
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