KKTECT Sunshade Inflatable Swimming Pool Family Lounge Pool (Blue)

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Checked: 08/06/2022


Category: Paddling & Swimming Pools

Tags: Family Fun

  • Sturdy & Stable
  • The inflatable pool has three individual air chambers that can withstand additional weight while preventing air leakage or water spillage, ensuring that the pool is still ready for you.
  • Leaning against the big side walls is both relaxed and secure.
  • This is a swimming pool with a one-button automatic air pump that inflates in three minutes without the use of any other inflatables.
  • It's a fun pool to keep friends and family cool for the duration of their summer vacations.
  • Furthermore, it facilitates and speeds up the setup and cleanup process.
  • Because it is more robust, you and your children can swim all day.
  • It's large enough to accommodate both children and adults, and it's deep enough to accommodate a backyard pool party. - -
  • Premium Material High-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered individual airbag uses strengthened thermal fusion technology, making it stronger, more robust, non-toxic, odourless, ultra-thick, airtight, environmentally friendly, and healthy for direct skin contact. This inflatable family pool's super soft inflatable floor acts as a cushion between the ground and the children, increasing safety.
  • Separate air chambers make this inflatable swimming pool safe and simple to inflate. - -Summer Fun for the Whole Family
  • This inflatable swimming pool holds up to 100+ gallons of water for hours of splashing fun.
  • 210 x 150 x 68 cm / 82.68 x 59.05 x 26.77 inches
  • Sun and rain are kept out by the screened inflatable swimming pool.
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