MSpa C-TE041 Tekapo (2021 Model) 4

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£329.99 £209.95

Checked: 24/11/2023

Brand: The M Spa

Category: Hot Tubs

  • The cover is built in a patented square form in charcoal grey/metallic blue with rhino-tech 6 layer reinforced PVC material and a safety buckle pattern.
  • The latest 2021 MSPA Tekapo inflatable spa is simply the best value on the market for a six-person spa. The new 2021 C-TE041 MSPA square 4 individual (2+2) spa has a built-in UVC Sanitizer and Antibacterial System that can kill more than 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens. It can reach a temperature of 38°F.
  • The latest MSPA remote control will self-inflate the spa, change the temperature, switch on/off the bubbles, and set a heating timer.
  • 108 innovative and dynamic air jets are strategically placed to massage the body with 1000s of cushioning bubbles. 650L capacity/ 1500W heater/ 6 month spa pool warranty, 24 month electrical parts/ includes wired controller, garden hose adaptor, filter cartridge kit, inflation hose with nanometer, and owners manual
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