MSpa C-TE061 Tekapo Spa (new model) 6 Person (4+2)

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£649.95 £598.00

Checked: 20/12/2022

Brand: The M Spa

Category: Hot Tubs

  • The latest MSPA remote control will self-inflate the spa, change the temperature, switch on/off the bubbles, and set a heating timer. Tekapo Inflatable Spa & Kleen-Spa Chemical Starter Kit with Tablet Floating Dispenser (2021 6-Person (4+2)).
  • Chlorine Tablets, 500g Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets, 3-Way Chlorine Test Strips, 500g pH Increaser, Floating Dispenser, and Start Up Guide are all included in the Kleen-Spa Starter Kit.
  • It can reach a temperature of 38°F. 132 innovative and dynamic air jets are strategically placed to massage the body with thousands of cushioning bubbles.
  • The latest MSPA Tekapo inflatable spa is simply the best value on the market for a six-person spa.
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