Picnic Cool Bag On Wheels

Picnic Cool Bag On Wheels
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  • This delightful Picnic Cool Bag On Wheels is ideal for all occasions, particularly for those when only the best will do. The picnic set is firm and durable made from well woven canvas in neutrally warm shades of green. The utensils compartment can be removed and carried separately ideal if you decide try the local delicacies on offer when exploring the great outdoors. You will also be astonished by the exceedingly high standard of design inside this set. The design is in keeping with the overall style, even down to the pastel shades used on the napkins. This incredible picnic set cool bag on wheels achieves its greatness by making the most of every little bit of the room provided within the cooler compartment. Even with the generous amount of accessories stored within the set, there is still a great area of room for your delicious delicacies, drinks and whatsoever you desire to take along to your picnic. For best results, use with Thermos Freeze Boards
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