Potenza Colombian® Organic Cotton Hammocks

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Checked: 14/08/2023

Brand: Potenza

Category: Garden Furniture

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  • Our hammocks have a gentle touch, a sturdy thread, and vivid colors, and they help to support the sustainable production of organic cotton in South America's cotton trade.
  • All year long, it's ideal for keeping outside!
  • GUARANTEE FOR 24 MONTHS - Buy with confidence.
  • SIZE - Our hammocks are made to hold two or three people at once.
  • IN JUST 10 MINUTES, YOU ARE READY TO RELAX! WEATHERPROOF GRAPHITE STAND - Our large hammock frames are all made of the highest quality steel, making them incredibly sturdy and stable. - Very simple to put together. 350 cm in length 220 kilograms is the maximum weight capacity.
  • COLOMBIAN HANDMADE - Handmade in Colombia from 100% organic cotton. Adding a touch of the tropics to your garden! 125cm in height 120cm in width For quick entry and exit from the hammock, you'll need additional room on both sides. The hammock is 25 kg in weight. Frame - 6 steel elements, mounting accessories (hooks, bolts, wrenches), Hammock (double) + Suspension Set, Assembly instructions
  • We're so sure of the high quality of our hammock stands that we'll give you a 24-month warranty.
  • Each element was sandblasted before painting to provide a protective coating that makes it more resistant to environmental harm.
  • We can repair your hammock stand instantly if it is damaged due to mechanical or environmental factors.
  • You'll be able to swing freely!
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