RELIANCER Foldable Dog Swimming Pool 32"

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Checked: 09/06/2023


Category: Paddling & Swimming Pools

  • Because of the high quality materials we use, our 32*8 inch bathtub weighs 3.6 pounds, while inferior items weigh 2 pounds.
  • As summer approaches, you will need a sturdy and high-quality bathing pool to enable your sweet pet to enjoy the best part of the season, beautiful sunny days!!
  • Throw a water party for your dog to enjoy the endless joys of summer; it will add hours of outdoor fun to their summer. The swimming pool is made of double-layer PVC to avoid punctures, rips, leaks, and collapse, and the bottom is made of thicker anti-slip material to keep your dog healthy when running and jumping in and out! In the Reliancer doggie tub, let's have some fun with water! No Inflation or Pumps Required&Collapsible Swimming Pool
  • Your pool is always ready to use because it does not require inflation or pumps! Best value and product quality for a swimming pool on the market,perfect for keeping your furry friends cool in the summer,also can be used as a dog bath,outdoor catdog pool,collapsible dog bathtub,fish pond,toddlerbaby bath,kids play pool,whelping box,duck pool,outdoor water pond,sandbox,or ball pit.
  • You might also use this as a wash off spot for yourself.
  • On a hot day, everybody, including our beloved pets, enjoys a refreshing swim in the water. Built-in fibre board is extra-thick and high density to keep its shape extremely well even without water, while others use thin and low density fibre board or cardboard that mildews easily.
  • Give them their own pool to cool off in during those hot summer days, as well as a spot to happily splash around for hours and hours of fun.
  • It's also big enough for your toddlers or little kids to jump in and use as a mini pool, so you can just sit back and watch them play.
  • Order now! Foldable panels allow you to fold your pool down to a small size for easy storage and space saving. You can even transport it in your car and go on a summer vacation with your beloved dog! Simply unfold the tub, close the drain plug, and fill it with water.
  • A high-quality bed-type drain valve on the lower side helps you to easily empty or adjust the water! Large Enough 32" in diameter and 8" in depth, ideal size for small and medium dogs to completely submerge their bodies when sitting and splashing around!
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