Sable SA-HF071 Inflatable Swimming Pool (Blue)

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£69.99 £39.99

Checked: 11/08/2021

Brand: Sable

Category: Paddling & Swimming Pools

  • Quicker Assembly: Using an electric pump (not included), inflate each air chamber in under a minute; two water valves double the drainage speed, making it faster and easier to store.
  • Turn your outdoor pool into a ball pit for your child to enjoy indoors, where they won't be exposed to the sun's rays or have their playtime cut short due to rain.
  • Sable's inflatable pool, which measures 95 x 56 x 22 inches and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is large enough to comfortably host a family group.
  • Made of BPA-free PVC that is both safe for children and 50% thicker than anything on the market, minimizing the chance of punctures and ensuring a long service life.
  • There is no air pump included.
  • 3 individual air chambers ensure no water or air leakage, resulting in a completely inflated, structurally sound tub.
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