Spear Head Spade Small D-Handle Gardening Shovel (Yellow)

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Checked: 20/03/2022

Category: Gardening

Tags: Garden Tools

  • MULTI-PURPOSE SHOVEL: Shovels can be used for a variety of landscaping, planting, and digging activities, but they're especially well-suited to clay, rocky, and compacted soils.
  • COMFORTABLE D-HANDLE: The broad soft cushioned D-grip is comfortable and provides great leverage for gloved and un-gloved hands.
  • CHILDREN'S LIGHTWEIGHT HAND SHOVEL: This handy tool can be used to plant bulbs, quart, and gallon containers.
  • REDUCES DIGGING EFFORT: The first hybrid shovel/spade that is guaranteed to minimize digging effort in the most difficult soil conditions.
  • SMALL GARDEN SHOVEL: Weighing just 2 pounds, our mini-sized shovel is ideal for those who need a little more strength than a hand trowel.
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