The GoFindIt Nature Treasure Hunt

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Checked: 09/12/2023

Brand: Sensory Trust

Categories: Beach Games Outdoor Games

Tags: Picnic for Kids Picnic Fun

  • The GoFindIt Nature Treasure Hunt game is a fun way to explore the great outdoor - using all your senses! you can organise the games really quickly and they can last from minutes up to hours, depending on the time you have. Essentially though, this is a REALLY cool scavenger hunt, with neat little cards that are versatile enough to be used in any outdoor environment… it doesn’t matter if you’re in the countryside or the city. Just play. Oh, it can be played by children and adults too and no two games will ever be the same. As you can see, the cards all have a funky design and come in a handy drawstring pouch. We think these are great for throwing in the picnic basket or rucksack - especially for family trips.