ULTIMA-PLUS XP Patio Cleaner

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Checked: 22/02/2024


Category: Gardening

  • After the area has dried, it's completely safe to use for children and pets because it's non-caustic, contains no acid, and contains no bleach.
  • Penetrates the outdoor surfaces, forming an impenetrable layer that helps to avoid re-growth for up to six months.
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  • One bottle can produce up to 25 litres, which is enough to cover an area of up to 200 square meters.
  • Biodegradable and 100% safe Ultima-Plus XP is a maximum-strength moss killer that removes moss while still forming a protective shield that prevents it from returning, keeping your hard surfaces clean for months after treatment.
  • Ultima-Plus XP can be used on a patio, pavement, decking, tarmac, stonemasonry, bricks, wood, corrugated asbestos, greenhouse glass, and other surfaces.
  • This patio cleaner is excellent value for money because it covers a wide area, making it ideal for patios and driveways!
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