VonShef 4 Person Picnic Backpack

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£44.99 £36.92

Checked: 14/06/2024

Brand: VonShef

Category: Picnic Backpacks & Shoulder Bags

Tags: backpacks picnic backpack picnic rucksack

  • VonChef have a great range of picnic backpacks including this product for 4 people.
  • There is a good-sized insulated cooler compartment at the back of the rucksack and then stainless cutlery, dinner plates, plastic wine glasses and cotton napkins for four settings - perfect for a family or two couples. Additionally the picnic rucksack includes salt and pepper shakers, a chopping board and the all-important bottle opener.
  • Attached to the side of the backpack is a tartan picnic rug with waterproof backing (this is 115cm x 135cm) on one side and a detachable bootle cooler on the other.
  • Our view is that this is a great choice for a 4-person picnic backpack and at a very good price.
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