Waterproof PVC Backed Picnic Rug

Waterproof PVC Backed Picnic Rug
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Checked: 02/12/2023

Brand: Sreetwize Car Accessories

Category: Picnic Rugs & Blankets

Tags: Classic Picnic Festival Essentials

  • Waterproof PVC Backed Picnic Rug. This waterproof, foldaway picnic rug is a traditional piece of picnic equipment with a modern twist. The tartan pattern indicates quintessentially British picnicking while the padded plastic backing offers extra comfort while acting as a waterproof layer. The rug is easily hand washed and can be wiped clean with with a warm soapy cloth. This picnic rug is perfect for couples and families alike, hoping to enjoy the perfect picnic on a sunny afternoon in the country or a day trip to the beach.
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