Apollo 72 Piece Home DIY Ladies Pink Tool Kit Set

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Category: Gardening

Tags: Tools

  • HELP THE PINK RIBBON FOUNDATION: A £1 donation will be made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to assist those impacted by breast cancer with every purchase of this home tool kit. When you're working, accessories like the magnetic wrist band will help you keep screws, nails, and tools.
  • Give them a useful gift and ensure they're always prepared with this handy collection of tools – DIY projects won't feel like a chore with this attractive set!
  • The tools and accessories are stored in a safe and organised manner.
  • Keep fasteners nearby so you can get to them easily when working and cut down on tension and project time!
  • A SPLASH OF PINK: The Apollo Home DIY Ladies Pink Tool Kit Set is a fabulous and handy tool collection for pink-lovers for general home DIY repairs and work, decoration, crafts, and the ideal house-warming gift for moving house, thanks to its bright pink colour theme.
  • 2 precision screwdrivers, 3.5m tape measure, stubby claw hammer, Bit Driver Handle with 20 interchangeable driver pieces for household screws, Crescent wrench, Long-nose pliers, diagonal wire cutters, a spirit stage, magnetic wrist band holder, wall putty scraper, and a 35-piece wall picture hanging accessories kit For compatible Amazon sellers, contact our Customer Support team.
  • Treat yourself or offer a wonderful gift to a friend or family member while also contributing to a worthy cause!
  • FOR HOUSEHOLD AND HOME: The Apollo Home DIY Ladies Pink Tool Kit Set is a versatile package that makes simple DIY repair and repairing jobs around the house simpler and quicker. Observations: Only the handle of a utility knife comes with metal cutting blades. From putting up fixtures and fittings to assembling flat pack furniture, repairing a loose door knob or hinge, changing a fuse in a socket, tightening and unfastening screws, nuts and bolts, pulling and snipping cable, and measuring room and space
  • HAND BAG STYLE TOOLBOX CASE: Long-lasting hobo handbag toolbox case with snap-lock and big handle.
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