LED Grow Lights (600 watt Black)

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Checked: 08/02/2023

Category: Gardening

  • [Full spectrum and energy savings] 2 CREE COB (the two largest in the middle) and 2 IR, full-spectrum plant lights, wavelength 380-780nm, more energy-saving than conventional plant lights, plant lights will cover 2.9x2.6m plants, covering 60 cm
  • [Best Service and Guarantee]-All of our COB factory lighting lamps have passed CE and ROHS certification; if you have any questions, please contact us; we will respond within 24 hours, and we consider ourselves fortunate to serve you!
  • The growth of plant stems and leaves is aided by red light, while flowering and fruiting is aided by blue light. 380-780nm spectrum, It's like a substitute sun for your plants, promote plant photosynthesis, keep plants in a healthy growth setting, help your plants obtain the best yield, our plant lights Suitable for plant growth in any time, take care of the lovely plants for you!
  • [Easy to Install]-It was a breeze to set up and is extremely durable.
  • [Daisy Chain Design] -Because the plant lights are linked together, the greenhouse and water growth room don't need as many sockets.
  • It comes with hooks and a solid, adjustable cord so you can choose how high or low the light is, and it can be directly plugged into the power socket (100-240VAC), and the On/Off control is easy!
  • The grow light can also be plugged into another light, which will not affect the grow light's lighting effect. Each chain should have a maximum of four lights.
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