Brace Master Inflatable Swimming Pool, Blow Up Family Pools

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Checked: 03/06/2023

Brand: Brace Master

Category: Paddling & Swimming Pools

Tags: Family Fun

  • Rectangular inflatable pool made of heavy-duty plastic with 0.40mm thickness and BPA-free materials.
  • Inflates in 3-4 minutes using an electric pump (not included).
  • You will clear the pool without having to raise it by using the bottom drain.
  • Our blow up pool has a unique beach design that sets it apart from the competition.
  • The beach design allows people to become more immersed in the experience. The huge capacity of the Brace Master inflatable above ground pool can comfortably accommodate your family or mates.
  • 3 individual air chambers, each with double intake and free-flow exhaust valve, can withstand weight without leaking air or water. It can be stored anywhere because it folds up tiny.
  • Adults and children will be able to enjoy a new pool experience.
  • Our inflatable swimming pool has a dense bottom layer that essentially prevents cold from getting into the pool and prevents a sudden drop in water temperature.
  • For the back lawn, the Brace Master big inflatable swimming pool is ideal.
  • The Brace Master family swimming pool can be used as a ball pit, sandpit, fishing game pool, and toy pool in the garden and backyard, in addition to being a swimming pool. Allow your child to have more fun and happiness at home.
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