Greenfield Collection Midnight Picnic Backpack for Four People

Midnight Blue Greenfield Collection Picnic Backpack for 4 people
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Category: Picnic Backpacks & Shoulder Bags

Tags: Camping & Picnics

  • Introducing the Greenfield Collection Midnight Picnic Backpack for four people. This fantastic picnic backpack is an extremely practical product made to the highest quality, providing all of the essentials for a perfect picnic for four people. Manufactured from 600D material, it is extremely robust yet lightweight. There is a large, fully insulated food compartment enabling food or drink to be kept cool or warm for 5-7 hours with its patented technology. The bag includes an insulated bottle holder with an easy release facility to allow you to remove it if desired. This picnic backpack for four is perfect for taking on walks in the countryside to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. To keep your food and drink extra cool, we recommend using Thermos Freeze Boards.
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