Greenfield Deluxe Picnic Rucksack for Four People

Greenfield Collection Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Rucksack
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Checked: 13/06/2023

Brand: The Greenfield Collection

Category: Picnic Backpacks & Shoulder Bags

Tags: Walking Picnics

  • This Greenfield Deluxe Picnic Rucksack for Four People people comes equipped with all the necessary contents for a great picnic experience. The backpack and its contents are made from the finest lightweight and durable materials. As well as high quality melamine & stainless steel tableware for four, this rucksack comes with a fully insulated compartment which, due to inbuilt 'i-cool technology', means food and drink will remain ready to consume for 5-7 hours. This bag is easy to carry and would be perfect to take to a festival or beach and for use on a walking picnic. To keep your food and drink extra cool, we recommend using Thermos Freeze Boards.
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