ECODECK Garden Greenhouse Base - Eco Friendly with Included Membrane (6x4 Feet)

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Checked: 16/04/2024


Category: Gardening

Tags: Green House

  • It also helps to avoid damp, extending the life of the building it supports, thanks to our special 25-year guarantee.
  • Ecodecks are built for shed bases, greenhouse bases, log cabin bases, driveways & patios, gravel or grass grid surfaces, with each rectangular grid measuring 85x62 cm and 3.5 cm in height.
  • Eco Deck provides load spreading support to structures that stand on it, and it's quick and simple to mount.
  • It's heavy enough to take 100's of tons! UV secure - This super eco-friendly product simply locks in place with its own UNIQUE & EASY clip lock 2 STEPS - instructions are included in the DIY package.
  • Please email us if you have any questions, and we will do our best to assist you! To build a firm ground, use ECODECK base grids instead of traditional slabs and stabilizers.
  • Newly landscaped areas in your garden that can be stepped over without causing damage to the soil - ideal for use of bikes, prams, mobility scooter vehicles, and wheelchairs.
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