M.Y Splash 14ft x 42in Rattan Finish Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

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Checked: 30/11/2023

Brand: M.Y

Category: Paddling & Swimming Pools

Tags: Family Fun

  • The filter pump can filter debris from the pool water, increasing the time between water changes.
  • It also has a built-in drain valve to make draining, washing, and disassembling easier.
  • 14ft (427cm) x 42in (107cm) is the pool's total size.
  • The 14-foot pool is ideal for entertaining guests and holding pool parties! 14ft Frame Pool, 220-240V Filter Pump, Filter Cartridge, Pool Ladder, Pool Cover, Ground Cloth, Maintenance Kit, and Instruction Manual are all included in the complete tub package. For long-term usage, the M.Y Splash Pools are made of sturdy, puncture-resistant materials.
  • The stylish dark rattan printed pool will make your garden the envy of your neighbours!
  • Any smooth, sturdy surface can be used for the Pool.
  • The M.Y. Splash 14ft Rattan Swimming Pool is a stylish way to cool off this summer.
  • With oval frame tubes 30% stronger than conventional round tubes and a snap-in design for fast and easy setup, the pool is designed to last season after season.
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