Solo Stove Stainless Steel Marshmallow Roasting Sticks for Fire Pits

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Checked: 20/07/2024

Categories: BBQ Barbecue Camping Essentials Campsite Cooking

Tags: bbq Camping & Picnics Picnic Fun

  • This camping item will guarantee a fantastic cookout!
  • Roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and S'mores over your Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit with this collection of 4 Roasting Sticks package.
  • Food-grade stainless steel is used, which is clean, sanitizes easily, and lasts a long time. Includes a handy roll-up carry case for convenient transportation and storage at your next cookout.
  • Roasting sticks made of 304 stainless steel are high quality and simple to clean.
  • The Roasting tools are easy to clean and store thanks to the collapsible nature.
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