TOMSHOO 30L Cooler Backpack, Picnic Backpack for 2-4 Charcoal Colour

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Checked: 31/07/2022


Category: Picnic Backpacks & Shoulder Bags

Tags: Festival Essentials Walking Picnics

  • Allows you to place ice cubes and cold beer in the picnic bag without having it soaked.
  • This is an ideal present for both men and women.
  • The surface bag is used to keep tableware, napkins, and other small items organized.
  • Can Keep Food Cooler for Longer: The TOMSHOO Cooler Backpack can keep food cold for longer. For lunches, picnics, shopping, travel, hiking, camping, or cycling, the TOMSHOO picnic backpack's stylish style can be used as a lunch backpack for office workers or students. Beverages and umbrellas can be stored in the two mesh pockets on the sides. You can go further than normal because the PVC lining effectively prevents leakage.
  • TOMSHOO Cooler Backpack is made of raw, robust, and durable textile cloth on the outside, and the inner PVC lining is made of reflective tin foil paper, EPE, Non-Woven Fabrics, Oxford Fabrics, and pearl cotton, which provides better insulation.
  • For a long time, the picnic backpack can effectively maintain food temperature and freshness. Large Capacity: 30L holds 24 cans of cola, PVC bag keeps food fresher and healthier, and it's easy to clean.
  • To make the back more comfortable, we added a breathable back cushion.
  • Removable Bottom Plate: The TOMSHOO Picnic Backpack has four layers of protection, but as cold air flows down, it can provide a total of nine layers of protection, allowing it to refrigerate food for longer periods of time and resisting deformation.
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