Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Enclosure Safety Net Fits For 12' Frames With 8 Poles - NET ONLY

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Checked: 01/09/2021

Brand: Upper Bounce

Category: Trampolines

Tags: Accessories

  • Upper Bounce's "Sleeves on Poles" Net attaches to the trampoline by covering the poles with sleeves, allowing you to leap and enjoy more room!
  • ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Suitable for a 12 ft.
  • DUAL CLOSURE with zipper and buckles: The enclosure is accessed via a zip system with additional buckles for added protection.
  • TRAMPOLINE NETTING: Provides a safe and enjoyable jumping experience while allowing for maximum visibility.
  • 8 Curved Poles with Top Ring Enclosure System Trampoline Frame - NET ONLY To ensure maximum protection, special sleeves made of high-quality oxford are used.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ROUND TRAMPOLINE: Terylene-Quality Safety Net that is highly robust and simple to mount.
  • TRAMPOLINE SAFETY: The Net connects the pad and the jumping mat, ensuring optimum safety.
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